In Honor of Mrs. Fitz

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ReneeYesterday afternoon I got a phone call from my mom that I wasn’t expecting.  She told me that my beloved 6th Grade Math teacher had passed away.  I was completely shocked.  She wasn’t sick, we wasn’t old, how could this happen.  Then I thought about all the things that she has done for me in my life as a future educator.

I can still remember having her as a 6th grade homeroom  and math teacher.  She is the one that taught me that being a good teacher is a mix of being crazy and serious.  As a 6th grader she taught me how much fun math can be, and I will never forget all of those function tables that we had to do.  Having her as a Language Arts teacher was wonderful as well.  She taught me the way to pull important information out of a text.  Still when I am reading a textbook I look at the pages I’ve read and wonder if Mrs. Fitz would say that I have highlighted too much.  And all those games of Simon Says that she would play with us as a great Brain Break.  I will never forget running around classroom, only to get back to my desk to realize she never said “Mrs. Fitz says to…”

Throughout my time at Hesston Middle School she kept telling me that I had to come back and be her teacher aide once I was in high school.  I never got the chance to do that, but oh how I wish that I had!  I looked up to her in more ways than one.  She always found the best in students.  She worked hard to help students understand math.  She had such a positive outlook on the subject.  She understood that many students don’t like math, but that never got her down.  She was always upbeat and I loved waking into her classroom to see that smile.

I know that there are many students out there that have the experienced the same things as I did with Mrs. Fitz.  I realize that she impacted so many people.  Even as I sit here typing this I think of the last time I saw her.  It was last March.  I had to interview a teacher for my Teaching as a Career class, and of course the person that I wanted to interview was Mrs. Fitz.  We sat talking for hours about so many things.  And she just kept telling me that I am going to make a great teacher.  I have attached the interview to this post as well.

If I become half the teacher that Mrs. Fitz was I know that I have accomplished what I have set out to do.  I hope that I can always teach in her honor.  That when I don’t know what to do I will just think “What would Mrs. Fitz Do?”  Even though I can no longer go to her to ask for her help, I know that her memory will always live on in my heart.  I will miss her so much.  She was an amazing woman and I know that I will continue to be inspired by her.

The quote below is from her staff bio:

“All the students over the years have blessed me with many wonderful memories.”

I hope that Mrs. Fitz realized that she also blessed her students with many memories, and that her memory will continue to live on through her students.  I will still think of her when I eat a Lemon Head or when I have to teach those function tables.  She has been and always will be my inspiration in education!


The Interview:

Teacher Interview

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